The story of a baby t-rex

The Story of a Baby T-Rex

By Kye Lardner


A thin shaft of light pierced the darkness of the damp cave and landed on the sleeping baby. Baby Rex opened his eyes, stretched his tiny arms and let out a ginormous yawn. Another day of boredom lay ahead. His parent never let him go anywhere. There were lots of very good reasons for this. There were other dinosaurs who could eat him. He could get lost. He could fall off a mountain. He could fall in lava. He could get squashed. Or he could eat broccoli, go crazy and die!

One night, he tried to eat some broccoli, but his parents threw it away.

“No!” shouted baby rex.

“Why can’t I eat broccoli?”

“Because you will go crazy and die!” explained his parents.

Broccoli was growing everywhere on the land. The herbivores were on vacation.

“What are we going to do?” said the parents.

“There’s only one thing to do…eat the broccoli!” they all said.

Baby Rex and his family ate the broccoli. They did not die, but they did go crazy! They ran around like children on a sugar rush. The T-Rex family ate all of the broccoli but then the herbivores came back from vacation.

“No! All of the broccoli is gone! We were waiting 2 weeks for them!” cried the herbivores.

“How about you make a garden and grow your broccoli?” suggested the t rex family  “Ok lets do this! Do you want some help?” “Yes  please” they said.  BANG! CLANG! ZZZZ! DING DING! They sre making a garden. Baby t-rex goes and finds broccoli seeds and plants them and waters them.

Two weeks later they have grown into tree sized broccoli plants.  All the herbivores are happy to have their broccoli back. The t- rex family enjoyed eating the broccoli so much they decided to add some broccoli to every meal they have.






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